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In the Beginning

liveSAFE Resources has built a rich history serving citizens of Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding counties since first receiving its charter in 1917 as the YWCA of Northwest Georgia (YWCA).  Throughout the decades, the role of the organization has changed dramatically.  During the early years, the YWCA sent packages to soldiers fighting in WWI and WWII, became involved in the Civil Rights movement, provided different educational and social activities mostly for women and children, and in 1962 opened the first indoor swimming pool in Cobb County.

1978 – 2005

In 1978, the trajectory of the organization began to change significantly when the YWCA opened the first emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence in the State of Georgia. From 1978 to 2007, the YWCA provided a variety of programs and services including emergency shelter and transitional housing options, the county’s first licensed child care facility for preschoolers of homeless families, the Paulding County Early Learning Center and the onsite public swimming pool. In 2005, the YWCA established the protocol for response to sexual assault in Cobb County in partnership with WellStar Health System, local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office. The YWCA now coordinates sexual assault response teams in Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding Counties.

Under new leadership in 2007, the board of directors made the decision for the YWCA to focus entirely on its mission to deliver programs and services increasing awareness and reducing the occurrence of domestic violence and sexual assault in our community. All other programs were relocated to other local organizations.

2009 – 2015

In 2009, during one of the worst economic times in decades, the $7.2 million “How Much is Enough” capital campaign was launched to raise much-needed funds to make critical improvements to effectively serve our clients. As a result, our main building and emergency shelter (at an undisclosed location) underwent major renovations that were totally completed in 2015. The new additions included:

  • Completely renovated domestic violence shelter
  • 12 apartments for transitional housing
  • Community room for programs, training and board meetings
  • Offices for clients to receive individual counseling
  • Child therapy room
  • Computer lab for client use
  • On-site laundry room for apartment residents
  • Separate wing to provides privacy for victims of sexual assault, providing two examination rooms and specialized equipment for medical forensic examinations as well as comfortable waiting area for support persons

2016 and Into the Future

In 2016, the YWCA extended its service offerings to include helping those impacted by elder abuse.

After years of challenges in explaining what the YWCA did (most people thought it was a local gym or daycare) and with the recommendation of its branding task force, the board of directors made the decision to change the organization’s name. In January, 2017 liveSAFE Resources was born and established its updated mission:

To provide safety and healing to those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse by offering services, creating awareness and fostering support within our community.

Why the Name Change?