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The Academy of Women Leaders was created exclusively for honorees of our annual Tribute to Women of Achievement, an annual award program honoring women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in their professional and community endeavors. For over 30 years, more than 300 area women business and community leaders have been honored with this award for their achievement, generosity and willingness to inspire achievement in others.

The Academy of Women Leaders is dedicated to advocating liveSAFE Resources mission: to provide safety and healing to those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse. By providing its members with the opportunity to shape the future of liveSAFE Resources, the Academy serves as a development and mentoring program for future female leaders. It also acts as an influential voice in the community at large, supporting the work that liveSAFE Resources does to make a difference in the lives of women.

Academy of Women Leaders Governing Board

Alyce Sarno
Becky Jinks
Beverly Collins, Chair
Chyna McGarity-Namho

Dawn McEachern
Elaine Armster
Gail Elizabeth Cobb
Holly Tuchman
Linda Beggs

Pam Younker
Paula Alexander
Renee White
Victoria Turney

The Academy of Women Leaders thanks the following exceptional women who have chosen to support liveSAFE Resources with an annual financial donation. These ladies represent The Heroes Circle, and they are an essential asset to the organization’s success.

Heroes Circle

Paula Alexander
Babe Atkins-Byrne
Lynda Ausburn
Marie Barnes
Terri Benson
Melodie Clayton
Tammy Cohen
Terri Cole
Beverly Collins

Kim Gresh
The Honorable  Adele Grubbs
Terri Bunten Guthrie
Melissa Hulsey
Rhonda Jacobson
Becky Jinks
Sharon Mason
Dawn McEachern
Patti Pearlberg

Amy Phillips
Tracy Rathbone
Alyce Sarno
Holly Tuchman
Cathy Vandenberg
Holly Walquist
Sandra White
Mary Williamson
Sue Wyatt
Pam Younker

Champions Circle

Linda Allen
Robin Bishop
Kelly Miller
Laura Searcy
Michele Swann
Victoria Turney

Winners Circle

Gail Elizabeth Cobb
Helen Goreham
Dr. Nancy King
Kim McCoy